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Agricultural Regulations

Manure Management, Nutrient Management, and AG. E&S


In the State of Pennsylvania farming operations, including horse farms, which produces or apply manure on their land need to develop either a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) or a Manure Management Plan (MMP) for their operation.  Concentrated Animal Operations (CAOs) are operations that have an animal density of 2.0 AEU’s per acre or greater.  CAOs are required to have a NMP for their farm.  To determine if your operation is a CAO please follow the link provided.  Penn State's Fact Sheet 54.   Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations also must develop a nutrient management plan for their operation.  These are CAOs that have 300 AEU or greater or operations that have greater than 1000+ AEUs.  EPA also has a set of specified number of animals that would also fall under the CAFO program as well.  Here is a flow chart that can help determine if you are a CAFO.


If it is determined that a NMP is necessary, a Certified Nutrient Management Specialist is required to write the plan and it is recommended to contact the Conservation District to start that process. Nutrient management plans have to be approved by the Conservation District and a copy will be kept on file in the office.


All other operations that generate or apply manure have to develop a Manure Management Plan for their operation.  A farmer can develop his own plan.  Once the plan is complete, a copy must be kept on your farm. This plan does not need approval.  Follow this link: Manure Management Manual.


All farms that apply manure have certain manure application setbacks they have to follow that range from 35-150 feet from streams, wells and other waterbodies depending on the season.  Manure application setbacks.


Farmers are also required to develop an Ag. E&S plan for their operation.  An Ag E&S plan is written to satisfy the Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control under the Clean Streams Law.  An Ag. E&S plan is required for operations where agricultural plowing and/or tilling activities (including no-till) and animal heavy use areas disturb more than 5,000 sq. ft. A NRCS Conservation Plan may satisfy this requirement if certain areas such as soil loss and animal heavy use areas are addressed according to the DEP guidelines.


Please Contact Todd Deroba or Sean Levan if you have any questions on what plan you need for your farm or with any questions you may have with manure management or Ag. erosion and sedimentation plans.